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Treated the war with Perseus as a single whole (so Büttner-Wobst, who classifies all these fragments under 'Bellum Persicum') or, more probably, he here reckons the affairs of Rhodes as res Graeciae (and draws no clear distinction between res Graeciae and res Macedoniae). : 4. 1–10, cf. Livy, xlii. 46. 1–6; 5. 1– 8, cf. Livy, xlii. 46. 7–10; 6. 1–4, cf. Livy, xlii. 48. 1–4 (followed by fg. 234; cf. Livy, xlii. 49. 2); 7. 1–16, cf. Livy, xlii. 48. 9–10 (or 56. 1); 8. 1–15, cf. Livy, xlii. 62. 3–15; 9.

154, an arrangement unparalleled elsewhere. It must therefore be assumed that Athenaeus x. 439 is incorrect in attributing 25. 1–26. 9 to book xxxi. (Steigemann, 46–7, argues that book xxx contained Ol. 153, 1, book xxxi Ol. 153, 2–4, and book xxxii Ol. 154 and 155; and he therefore rejects Athenaeus' attribution of xxxi. 25. 5–5a to book xxxi, and puts the passage in book xxxii. ) If this argument is accepted, 25. 1–26. 9 is from the res Asiae of Ol. 153, 2 = 167/6, and Antiochus' games are the sequel to those held by Aemilius Paullus at Amphipolis in 167 (Livy, xlv.

Xxx. 17; and since Diod. xxx. 17 and 18. 1, based on P. (cf. Schwartz, RE, 'Diodoros', cols. 689–90), stand in that order in the excerpts de uirt. , it is reasonable to conclude that the corresponding passages in P. were in the same order, and so that 21. 1–5 preceded 18 (cf. Mørkholm, 75 n. 1 This is more satisfactory than BüttnerWobst's arrangement, which involves putting the account of Eulaeus' advice (21. 1–5) after the council led by the new advisers Comanus and Cineas has resolved to approach Antiochus for terms 9.

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